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If you have been blogging or publishing online for any length of time you understand how important marketing with Twitter can be for you. Just recently I had a post “go viral” to a small extent and increase my blog’s traffic nearly five-fold. Increasing my exposure on Twitter via Tweriod was part of the reason.

Auto Tweet your blog posts

I was disappointed when I opened my Buffer app and looked at my analytics. Of the nearly 100 tweets I had sent out recently, only a handful had received any clicks. What was the point of tweeting if I wasn’t generating any buzz?

I soon found out the problem. I was tweeting at times when nearly none of my followers were on Twitter! This is like running a TV commercial at 4am instead of 7pm.

Bloggers have long been using Twitter to promote their writing. Only recently have we had the technology to maximize our exposure in ways never seen before. By combining a few apps on the web, you can create the perfect concoction for reach, exposure, and clicks. Here is how you can use Tweriod to optimize your exposure on Twitter.

Tweriod – What is it? Tweriod is a service that will run an analytical report on your Twitter account. What do you get? A report that tells you when most of your followers are using Twitter. It also breaks their usage down by day, and then, presents it to you in an hourly graph. For instance, my Tweets will receive the most exposure on Sunday if I publish them between 2pm and 3pm or 6pm and 9pm.

Buffer App – Now that you know when to tweet, are you expected to drop everything at 2pm every Sunday and start tweeting? Absolutely not! This is where Buffer App comes in. With Buffer App you can schedule your tweets down to the minute for each day. Thus guaranteeing that you are Tweeting at the exact, right moment in time for maximizing your exposure. Now, what to Tweet?

Enter Mr. Reader – Mr. Reader is the app I use on my iPad. It works with Google Reader to gather all the latest information on the web and present it in a very clean and manageable format. The real magic, however, lies in Mr. Reader’s ability to sync with your Buffer App. When you read an article you think your followers would be interested in, you are only one click away from adding it to Buffer to be published during your peak times.

Social Oomph – Social Oomph is much like Buffer App but best used to repeatedly tweet great content from your site. Did you miss my post on Climbing the Ladder? Don’t worry, Social Oomph will publish it on my Twitter soon, during my peak exposure times of course.

Retweetable Headlines – Another key to getting your Tweets to “go viral” is an enticing headline. I don’t claim to be the best at this but using the book Advertising Headlines That Make You Rich can help you write interesting tweets that generate click throughs and bring traffic to your.

All in all, using these services and techniques, my click throughs on tweets have increased nearly 500% in the last month. My recent post on Twitter Auto-Pilot may also help you learn to manage your Twitter in a nearly hands free manner.


Question: What was your best Tweet?


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