Using Philips GoLITE To Become A Morning Person

Enter Grok, the primitive cave man living waking up at sunrise somewhere with the dinosaurs.  The early light of the morning passes between the edges of the cave entrance and the rock covering he uses as a door.  This is his version of the Philips GoLITE.  Grok quickly rises, stretches, then sets out for his morning hunt.

Philips GoLITE

George Lois, the original Mad Man, though he was way more impressive in real life, claims to have only slept 3 hours a night!  As a business leader, I have always been envious.  For me, my mornings have always consisted of exactly three things, oversleeping, grogginess, and wasteful procrastination.  I wanted to find the secret to waking up at sunrise.

I used to wake at 7:40 am, arrive at the office around 8:15 am, and actually start working around 9:30 am.  Then I discovered the Philips goLITE BLU Light Therapy Device.  The GoLITE does for us nocturnal animals what the sun did for Grok.

I won’t get too scientific here but there are certain chemicals released into the body the instant sunlight hits our eyes.  The same is true when we are in darkness.  The body is programmed to make itself tired when the sun goes down, and energized when the sun comes up.

We humans have destroyed this program and overwritten it with Venti Lattes, flourecent lights, window shades, and even our computer screens beaming light into our eyes just before bed.  No wonder people struggle to become early risers.  For those who wish to be an early riser, there is the Philips GoLITE.

Often referenced by Tim Ferriss and Michael Hyatt, two guys I follow closely, I decided to try one.  What could I lose, I had tried just about everything else on the market.  To my astonishment, the Phillip’s GoLITE works!

Why I use the Philips GoLITE everyday:

Mimic The Sun – The blue of the GoLITE mimics the blue of the sky exposing you to more sunlight.  We are meant to be out in the sunlight all day.  This exposure helps our body notice the sunset and make us tired.  Unfortunatly, with the modern office, it just isn’t practical.

Wake Early – The Philips goLITE BLU Light Therapy Device is your answer to that annoying alarm clock you’ve learned to ignore.  Rather than jolting you from your sleep, the Philips GoLITE will trigger the natural human waking experience leaving your refreshed and energized.  I use it in the mornings while I read.  By the time I arrive to the office, at 8am now, I’m wide awake and productive.

Stay Energized – The Philips GoLite also sits next to my computer on my desk.  Around Allied Equipment, the coffee begins flowing again at 3pm for an afternoon pick me up.  Not for me however, I have the sun on my desk to provide all the natural energy I need without the 6pm crash.

The Philips goLITE BLU Light Therapy Device has become an critical component of my energy ritual.  To truly harness a high level of energy and productivity, you must be intentional about it.  I have a whole ritual, from the foods I consume to the Philips GoLITE, and physical activity, that creates the ideal energy level to fuel my day.  Grok would be proud.

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