Planning for the Stages of Life

We all find ourselves changing and adapting as we progress through the stages of life. What stage are you in now? Did you take full advantage of the last stage or are you still trying to relive the glory days? Learning to plan for each of the stages of life will help you to live a truly fulfilled life.

planning for the stages of life

I recently played a round of golf at Shoal Creek Golf Club in Birmingham, Alabama. It was incredible to say the least. Upon returning home, I had the itch. Apparently, it wasn’t only the hummingbird-sized mosquitos that had bitten me in Alabama; the golf bug got me too.

It has been two weeks since I’ve returned and I haven’t played a single hole.  I’m ok with that, it’s part of my current stage of life and I’m enjoying it. I’m in my twenties and my son is only two. There isn’t much free time for golf as my wife and I are building the foundation for our family’s future. This stage in life is a hybrid of learning and investing.

Since I’m in my late twenties, I am progressing from the learning stage to the investing stage. I’ve learned how to work efficiently, how to be a man, and how to take care of my family. I’m just now learning how to invest in them. My career is good, my company is growing, my blog is growing and I am growing. We just sold our house and are building a new, beautiful home on the golf course.

My wife just earned her Master’s degree and passed her certification test. Our life savings is growing rapidly, my retirement is ahead of schedule, and we are as busy as we can be. There is no time for golf, only time for life and love. I spend the few hours a day of free time we have to play with my son and connect with my wife. We’re laying the foundation for a life long relationship.

I’d love to play a round of golf right now, but honestly, I’m sure I’ll get sick of golf in my 60s when I’m playing every day. I’m ok not golfing because I have recognized my current stage of life and embraced it. Learning the Stages of Life will help you plan for each.

Keys to Getting The Most Out of Each of The Stages of Life:

Inventory – Before you know where you’re going, you have to know where you are. Sit down and analyze your day. Are the things you’re doing cohesive with the stage of life you should be in?

Intentionality – You must be intentional about living in your current stage of life. I want to play golf, but I realize that it is not a big part of my crossover between stages of life. If I fail to invest in my family at this stage of life, I’ll be in my sixties at the golf course regretting my broken relationships and my failed family.

Look Forward – Doing what needs to be done today will allow you to enjoy the future. Failing to live in your current stage of life leads to midlife crisis, broken relationships, failed marriages, and a lifetime of regret. Moreover, it robs you of your bliss in the future. In order for the future to be bright, you must lay the foundation today.

My post on the Stages of Life will help you to learn each one and where you should be. Apply the steps above and be intentional about your path to the future. What you do today, will dictate your joy in the future. Don’t be afraid to embrace your current stage of life. There will be plenty of time in the future for golf.

How can understanding your current stage of life improve your future?

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