Platform University – Why I Joined

A few weeks ago I signed up for Michael Hyatt’s Platform University.  If you’re a blogger, artist or just an executive itching to become better, you should join me.  Michael Hyatt will teach you how to build an audience exactly the way he did.


Benchmarking for success is a key method to becoming better.  Michael has accomplished much in both the business world and the online realm.  He has created a following that has allowed him to quit his day job and landed him on the NYT Best Seller’s List.

Platform University provides students a behind the scenes look at how he has created the top ranked leadership blog on the web.  He is also giving his audience the tools they need to replicate his success.  I have joined for several reasons.

Corporate Success – Michael Hyatt was the CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers.  Through Platform University, you’ll see how he prefers to work.  Much of the things you’ll learn are things he did earlier in his career to rise to the top.

Hacking The Code – You could spend a decade building your platform like Michael has or you could attend Platform University and let Michael tell you exactly what works and what doesn’t.  Work smarter, not harder; that’s what I’ve chosen to do.

Monetize Your Site – Michael makes a living from his blog that allowed him to leave his CEO position for a more flexible job he can run on his own schedule. In Platform University, you’ll learn how he has done this and how you too can monetize your site without selling your soul.

Peer to Peer – Join like-minded individuals who share common goals on the University Platform Forum.  The forum serves as a way to share ideas and improve on benchmarks.  It also provides an excellent networking opportunity with other creatives.

Resources – The Platform University is young and I have already seen Michael’s work-space  learned how he launched his widely successful Platform book, and the intricacies of how he works with his team to create the content we all devour.  My Evernote looks like me on Thanksgiving, stuffed!  I have stuffed it with countless PDFs and videos Michael has so generously given on the Platform University site.

Priceless Input – Michael and his team will choose sites from the members of Platform University to critique and offer how the member can improve their site to maximize their exposure and create a loyal following.  This type of in- depth service would cost most bloggers more than they could afford.  For a small monthly membership, you now have a chance to have your site critiqued by one of the most influential bloggers on the web.

What are you waiting for?  You can join Platform University here.  This is step one to increasing your site’s traffic, ranking, and finally being able to quit your day job.  Even if you don’t intend to ever leave you day job, like me, you can still benefit immensely.  You’ll learn what made Michael a world-renowned blogger, which is what also made him a world renowned CEO.

What are your hesitations about joining Platform University?


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