Power of Perspective

At a moment’s notice the world can close in on you.  As the four walls around you are closing in fast, there is one characteristic that can pull you from peril.  One thing that will never fail you is perspective.

Power of Perspective

We are creatures that desire success always.  We are not content accepting the world around us as it chooses to be. No, we choose to direct our own lives.  There are positives and negatives to this innate characteristic about human beings.

On one hand, this kind of thinking has gotten us to become the smartest, most evolved animals on earth.  On the other hand, we are causing stress to ourselves that is literally, killing us and for what?  Our ability to control the stress around us is often the key to controlling our successful outcomes.  I have found one sure-fire way to control my stress – by changing my perspective.

Look at the big picture – I was recently invited to play in a golf tournament.  As I drove to the course, I was stressing because I was running late and wouldn’t have time to properly warm up.  Then I realized, I’m not a PGA pro. I was showing up for fun with friends not prize money, although we did win a little of that too.  Changing my perspective cured my stress and opened my mind to fun, which fueled a win.

Remove emotion – Look at a situation analytically first. Reduce stress by removing consequence. Ask yourself does this really matter, pride aside, what does this really affect? Mind like water – David Allen is the person I first heard speak of this.  The principle is to control your reaction to perfectly match the situation.  When a big rock is thrown into your day, you can create big ripples, and then return to calm, just like water.

Enjoy the process – Don’t get hung up on the outcome and results of things, instead find joy in the process.  So what if your post didn’t receive any comments, it was still fun to write. I’m sure Babe Ruth hated strikeouts but loved home runs.  Unfortunately, he struck out way more than he hit home runs. It was the process, the game of baseball that kept him playing.

Find the positive – Ask yourself what good can come of this? If nothing else, you can always chalk up a failure as something you learned from and improved yourself. Nothing is 100% bad.

Take a longer view – Consider how this impacts you 20 years from now. If it doesn’t really have an impact on you further down the road, it’s not worth stressing about now. The right perspective cannot only lead you to success, but also enrich your life.

Keeping perspective reduces stress and allows you to enjoy the process.  Learn to control your perspective and you will control your destiny.


Could you benefit from a change in perspective today?

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