Priming The Musket

I wrote a post the other day about ineffective leadership and how to overcome it. One of my steps was to prime the musket. This is the full explanation.

The Shot Heard Round The World was one single gunshot that set in motion the events that would lead to the American Revolution and set the stage for all that would become America. This is an amazing example of The Butterfly Effect. If you haven’t read Andy’s book, do so now. It will change your perspective on the effect actions have on your future.

Before the Shot Heard Round The World could take effect and have the profound impact that it had, there were several distinct, and overlooked actions that took place. These actions were simple and understated yet essential to what took place that fateful day. These few actions, performed in just the right sequence, with just the right amount of precision, set up what would become possibly the most important event in our nation’s history. Without the Shot Heard Round The World, there would have been no need for the Declaration of Independence, no need for an army and thus no need fora great leader I wrote about recently named, George Washington. No Need to cross the Delaware on Christmas Eve, and no need for The United States of America.

These actions were essential to priming the musket:

Gun Powder – just the right amount of gun powder had to be poured into the barrel of the musket rifle. We usually see a guy just dumping gun powder out of a horn into his rifle. This was seldom the case. Usually the amount of powder (effort) is determined ahead of time. This gunpowder is going to be what propels the bullet from the musket rifle. You need to approach all your actions with just the right amount of effort. Too little effort and you’ll never reach your target, too much and you’ll become inaccurate.

Gun powder in the priming pan – this is the first step to setting things into action, your platform, or in other words, your launching pad. If you don’t take the time to prime the pan, all your other effort will be in vain.  Michael Hyatt has a lot of information on Building Your Platform and why you need it. He even has an entire book about it. Your platform could be your position within a company or your audience online. In order to begin a project you’re going to need a platform to launch it from.

A Swab – In modern day, we place a small piece of packing between the ball and the barrel. This protects the ball from sparking on the barrel while being rammed into the powder. In the olden days, this was simply a piece of packing that the ball was wrapped in. This is your planning stage. This is where you set forth the actions necessary to accomplish your plan but you also consider the problems that could prevent you from reaching your goal and you mitigate them.

Ball – This is your key action. When you shoot a musket rifle at something you’re trying to hit it with this little ball of destruction. This ball is your tool to getting things done. In leadership, your actions towards others are your bullets. They are the thing that creates the result.

Packing – Holds it all in place. In the old days, if you didn’t have packing in your musket rifle, the ball would roll right out! The packing is similar to you level of focus. You and you alone are going to have to hold it all together and focus on keeping your project moving forward.

Its only after all this priming the musket rifle, that The Shot Heard Round The World was even capable of taking place. Without this pre action planning, the actions that define our lives cannot take place.

Are you “Priming The Musket” with your projects?

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