How I Quickly Write A Blog Post In 45 Minutes or Less

In the world of Blogging, Content is King. Being able to quickly write a blog post is critical to survival. Michael Hyatt says that his inflection point came when he began blogging more consistently. In Platform he mentions that 3 times a week is good but 5 is best. If you’re going to gain subscribers, you must continuously create high quality content while keeping your audience engaged.

quickly write a blog post

Who has time to sit in front of their computer and bust out post after post? We’re all busy, most bloggers I know have full time jobs and families to attend to. Time for blogging is not always available and the ability to quickly write a blog post is critical. I runAllied Equipment, Inc. during the day and have a 1 year old at home! Time for blogging is not always easy to find. This is why many bloggers quit within the first year.

Most successful bloggers have been forced to find ways to quickly write a blog post. You need to find a way to get your thoughts out quickly and painlessly. I’ve found several resources to be useful in shortening my writing and posting time dramatically! Here it is.

Evernote – Inspiration for a post rarely ever comes to me as soon as I sit down to write. I use Evernote to capture my ideas in the moment. I have it on my iPhone, iPad, and PC. I can log in and write down my idea very quickly wherever inspiration strikes. For instance, I come up with many post ideas while I’m driving. I can voice record my idea on Evernote, then listen to it later.

Journal – I like to physically write out my brainstorm sessions. As you can see from the image below, my brain often refuses to spit things out in order. I write out the wireframe of my post in my journal just before I write. This takes 5 minutes and gives my posts structure.

quickly write a blog post journal

Template – Use this Template so you don’t have to spend time creating order to your posts. This template is what Michael Hyatt uses and I find it a great and easy way to get my thoughts out. It also limits you to 500 – 600 words, which for someone like me who can ramble on, is key to writing a quick post.

Blogsy – I downloaded Blogsy on my iPad and I have a keyboard that makes my iPad almost like a laptop. This is where I quickly write my blog posts. You can see my whole writing set up in the image below. Blogsy also allows me to blog anywhere, anytime.

quickly write a blog post desk

Content – To quickly write a blog post, you’ll need content. Once it begins flowing from your brain to you fingertips, do not stop the flow to edit. Focus on getting to 500 words first, then go back and edit or format. This step should take no more than 25 minutes, if you’ve done your journal wireframe and are using the template.

Format and Edit – I quickly write my blog posts in Blogsy, then I save them as a draft on my WordPress blog. I then do all the formatting on my PC via my WordPress Dashboard. This is also where I add links, run SEOScibe and insert my images from BigStock.  Next I read through it to edit content and grammar.  This takes less than10 minutes.

This post took me 39 minutes to complete. I hope these steps will help you to reduce the pain of blogging so you can enjoy the fun and quickly write a blog post today.

Question: What have you done in the past to make your blogging faster?

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