How To Reach Your Audience

What could your company achieve if only you could reach your audience and get the traffic you deserve?  These 5 tools are guaranteed to grow your business by helping you reach your audience more quickly and efficiently.

How To Reach Your Audience

When I began blogging a few years ago, I would write a post, publish it to my site, then hope and pray that someone would find it.  Sadly, I didn’t achieve the results I was wishing for.  The hack you’ll need to know to reach your audience is that you must DRIVE traffic to your site.


You cannot simply publish something and hope it will do well.  You have to plaster it across the Internet.  You must be everywhere at once and completely unavoidable.  It has taken me years to learn what I’m about to teach you in just a few minutes, so keep reading.


I first realized how important it is to drive traffic to your blog or product site when I read Tim Ferriss’ How To Create A Global Phenomenon For Less Than $10,000.


I always assumed his book did so well because it was a great book.  But the truth is, his book did so well because it is a great book and he made sure people knew about it.  No matter how great a product is, it will never succeed unless people know about it.


When the popular app Draw Something launched in early 2012, they spent 100% of their marketing budget in the first few weeks.  The app was literally plastered everywhere.  Once the early evangelists found it, they spread it like wild fire, ultimately leading to OMGPOP’s sale to Zynga for $180 Million.


So how do you reach your audience with your product?  What follows is the short version of what you can do on a daily basis to make sure your blog posts, of your product offerings are seen by millions every day.


Utilize social media.  This one comes as a no brainer but it can’t be overlooked.  Draw Something’s success is largely credited to its ability to be spread amongst friends via Facebook invitations.  Posting your blog posts or products to social media site is a must so they can be shared by your evangelical followers.


Start using Hootsuite. This service allows you to monitor what is going on across all social media platforms.  There is no need to exhaust yourself by constantly staying connected on several different sites.  Use Hootsuite to monitor the conversation surrounding your offerings but also use it to find opportunities to share your offerings with others who can benefit from it.


Add the extension NeedTagger to your Hootsuite.  NeedTagger will identify people you do not follow, who are looking for your product.  For example, when I publish this post, I’ll use NeedTagger to find people who are looking to gain exposure and reach their audience.  I’ll send them a link to this post and they’ll share it with their friends.


Use services like Vocus.  Through PR Web, you can send out press releases about your products and posts.  My post about my 5K Playlist was picked up by the Houston Chronicle and several other large media outlets.  This exposure ultimately lead to thousands of new readers in a single day.


Use syndication services. Personally, I use Onlywire though I’ve heard there are other good services as well.  These services can post your most recent information directly from your RSS feed and distribute it to multiple outlets.  These services will post your latest information to bookmarking sites and social sharing sites such as Scribd, Reddit, Digg, FriendFeed and much more.


Set up a Google Alert.  Have Google monitor the web for use of your keywords.  This will give you direct access to the web’s discussion of your idea or service.  Go to these sites and get involved in the conversation.  The readers of these sites are people who are looking for what you’re offering.


These few simple steps are guaranteed to help you reach your audience and expose your products, ideas and services to the masses.  A great product is worthless unless it is given the opportunity to impact others.  Using these few hacks, you give your product a chance to reach your audience and begin to change the world.


What have you recently had success doing to reach your audience?




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