Using Scribe SEO to Increase Site Traffic

As a leadership blogger, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is very important to me.  Unfortunately, researching keywords and writing in “SEO Style” can be very difficult and time consuming.  Thanks to SEO Scribe’s new Version 4, SEO is simple and easy.

Have you ever read a web page where it was obvious that the content writer was writing for keywords?  I’ve seen this many times.  It looks like someone threw up on the screen then dropped his or her keyword in the puke 500 times.  The page doesn’t make any sense and it sure isn’t fun to read.

This is often the problem bloggers have when writing.  Do they write for SEO or do they write for their audience.  Thankfully, the guys at Scribe SEO know that for a blogger to increase his or her traffic, the most important thing is great content.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t have great SEO as well.

I’ve been using Scribe SEO for over a year now and most recently I upgraded to Version 4.  It’s been out for a while now but I wanted to hold off on writing about it until I saw some results.  Over the past six months, I have seen an increase in daily traffic of over 300%!  I attribute this increase to posting more consistently and Scribe SEO.  Here are a few of my favorite SEO features that helped me increase my traffic.

On Page Content Analysis – This is much like the former version but with much greater insight.  Just like in the past, you’ll see how well you utilized your keywords in your article.  I always shoot for 95 – 100.  What’s most impressive now is the input you receive in regards to how to improve your keyword rank.  Simply follow the suggestions provided to you and you’ll be well on your way for ranking for your chosen keywords.

Site Score – This new feature of Scribe SEO Version 4 is my favorite.  I can see how well my article ranks with the rest of my site.  To become an authority in your niche it is critical that your site stays consistent with your subject.  Michael Hyatt attributes focusing on only a few topics to a surge in his traffic.  This is because he was becoming an authority on those few subjects.  Scribe SEO now tells you if what you’re writing is consistent or inconsistent with your site’s overall theme.

Link Building – It is important to link back to other pages on your own site.  I used to write these in to the detriment of my content. With the new Scribe SEO, I simply write my article then let them tell me which words in my content will link well to higher-ranking posts I have already published.

Keyword Details – This feature tells you if you can compete for a certain term or not.  This has helped me narrow down my keywords to only those words that my site could rank for.  Finding an opportunity to become an authority and capturing it has helped me tremendously in building traffic.

External Links – This feature of Scribe SEO Version 4 will search social networks such as Twitter to find people who are authorities on your subject.  I use this to reach out to them and tell them about my new post.  When they retweet my post, they know it is something their readers will enjoy.

If you’d be interested in increasing your site’s ranking, I’d recommend checking out Scribe Plans and Prices.

It’s hard enough being a blogger and finding the time to write.  Add in the crazy world of penguin and panda algorithms and SEO and it can be overwhelming. Thanks to Scribe SEO any average Joe can now be an SEO expert.

What do you use to help you?

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