The Secret to Higher Google Rankings

A few weeks ago an overseas firm offered me the unthinkable.  They had found the shortcut to higher Google rankings!  They would share all this with me, of course, for a small fee.

Every blogger will receive an incredible offer to higher Google rankings sooner or later.  Every new blogger is eager to build their platform.  Post after post, week after week, month after month, they pour their heart and soul into blogging only to have 100 readers a day or less.

No wonder then, the proposition to learn the shortcut to higher Google rankings is so appealing.  Fortunately, I didn’t take the bait on this one.  Instead, I propositioned the firm to analyze a few blogs I know of to see if they were implementing the “shortcut.”

The blogs I gave them just happened to be in the top 10,000 websites in the world.  Just as I suspected, NONE of them were implementing this shortcut to higher Google rankings.  If the best blogs in the world aren’t doing it, you probably don’t need to either.

The good news, is that there is a shortcut to higher Google rankings, but you don’t have to pay for it.  In fact, the shortcut to higher Google rankings is common knowledge. But with all the changes to Google’s algorithm lately, many bloggers can be confused about what to do and what not to do.

This is your guide to higher Google rankings.


Create great content.  Try to write posts that add value to others.  Google doesn’t have people reading your site and grading your content, but they can tell how good your content is based on how others use it on the web.  As such, great content is always treated the same.  People share it, they tweet it, they post it around the web, they visit it repeatedly.  All this action, will tell Google that your content is valuable.

Be consistent with your delivery.  Writers with higher Google rankings deliver content consistently.  Many people choose to publish content daily when they’re trying to grow a platform.  This isn’t always necessary, but not a bad idea.  What separates the pros from the hobbyists is consistently publishing content.  I recently published a post about how often you should blog.

Do optimize your content for SEO. Google’s algorithms are dependent on keywords and they recognize that they need your help to find those keywords.  I personally prefer using Scribe SEO. Scribe: More Traffic and Leads, Less Time and Hassle.  It analyzes my content and shows me how to present it in such a way that Google will be able to easily recognize the subject of my posts.

Do NOT us black hat tactics.  Black hat tactics are those “shortcuts” that others are trying to sell you.  In some cases, they will work… for a little while.  However, Google will catch it sooner or later, and when they do, they will penalize your site.  In other words, do not give up your long term rankings for higher Google rankings in the short term.

Google’s algorithms are designed to view your site on a comprehensive level, considering all aspects of your online presence, and then make a determination of how valuable your site is.  The more value your site adds to the web, the higher Google rankings you’ll achieve.  As in most aspects of life, the tried and true method is still the best option.  Now, you can finally find peace in the fact that your long term strategy will work out if you stay the course.

How consistent have you been with this strategy on your own site?

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