How To Set Up a Business You Can Run From Anywhere in the World Part 2

Last week I wrote a post detailing how to set up a business you can run from anywhere in the world.  This is part 2, a detailing of apps and services I use for interacting with employees and customers.


The global marketplace has transformed the working world from a sweatshop style collection of cubicles to an open air, go anywhere, do anything market of totally free enterprise.  Unless you’re building a physical product or delivering an in person service, there is absolutely no reason why you can’t be running your business anywhere in the world and save places that lack sufficient internet service.


To quickly review last week’s post (Part 1) about setting up a business you can run from anywhere in the world, I explained how I use the following:

  • A virtual office
  • Google Voice
  • My Virtual Assistant (through EAhelp)
  • Freelance artists and skilled creatives
  • Payment Processor


Today, I will share with you how I interact with employees and freelancers I’ve hired.  We can’t always get together and in most cases, we will never meet face to face.  Instead, we rely on the latest technology and services to  collaborate and come together to grow our businesses.


This is not an exhaustive list but covers the apps and services we use most often.  These apps are what we use to collaborate and keep everyone in the businesses moving in the same direction.


Save your work to dropbox.  All my posts are saved to dropbox.  My editor reviews and my virtual assistant posts them when they’re ready.  We use dropbox daily to share files and collaborate.  It is my go to method for carrying literally thousands of documents and files with me anywhere I go.


Use Evernote to keep your ideas.  For one company, we have set up an Evernote folder that we all have access to.  When someone thinks of a brilliant idea, which generally happens while in the restroom or when we’re trying to fall asleep, we simply save the idea into Evernote.  In the morning, everyone can access the folder and see the new idea.  Quickly, the note is filled with additions and suggestions.  It is a great virtual tool for collaboration of ideas.


Get it done with Nozbe. For all my freelancers and employees, I have added the as users to my Nozbe.  Each company has a “Project” or sometimes more.  I then share these projects with the freelancers working on that project.  Nozbe creates a virtual to do list where we can all see and track our tasks.  I have to admit, I’m new to doing this but so far it has increase productivity.  In inadvertent but pleasant surprise has been competition among the freelancers in a project.  Since all the to do items are public, I see them racing to complete theirs before the others can finish their list.


Skype meetings are the best for international conferencing.  I’ve used and still do use FaceTime with several freelancers but have found Skype to be the all-in-one package.  I have scheduled chats with some freelancers.  For bigger items we’ll have a conference call.  When it is a really important item, we can video conference face to face.  Thanks to the app on iPhone and iPad, I can be on mobile about my Skype meetings.  This is handy when dealing with inconvenient time zone disparity.


Find a good web developer.  My go to is TopSpot Internet Marketers.  They’ve built several sites for me and offer turn-key service.  They can develop, optimize, and monitor my SEO, E-Mail campaign, PPC, a social media all in house.  Their corporate structure is also optimal.  I have one point of contact


Thanks to technology, traditional leadership has been flipped on its head.  Gone are the days of long staff meetings.  Today’s leader relies on connecting on an individual basis and allowing others the freedom to succeed.  Because of these changes, running a business from anywhere in the world has never been easier.


Where would you go if you could run your business from anywhere in the world?




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