Motivational Monday – Success With Will Smith

A boy named Willard was born in West Philadelphia on what, I would imagine, was a cool brisk morning on September 25, 1968.  No one knew it, at the time, but this event would go down in history as one of the most frequently, and often incorrectly, sung hip hop theme songs in television history. “In West Philipelphia, born and raised, on the playground is where I spent most of my days”… You’re singing it now aren’t you?

Will Smith Men In Black 3

Who would have imagined that young Willard would eventually become the man we all know as Will Smith.  The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, would go on to star in 32, and counting, major motion pictures.  I haven’t even mentioned Will Smith’s musical carrier yet.  Will Smith’s net worth is estimated at 188 million, but that’s certain to rise with the recently released Men in Black movie.

So how did Will Smith take Big Willie Style from the modest streets of West Philly to the posh Bel-Air lifestyle?  It’s all about attitude and belief.  Surprisingly, in the film below, Will Smith doesn’t even mention money, or possessions.  What drives him to succeed is his strong belief system and influences throughout his life.  Here is what I learned from Will Smith about success.

Have a Great Time With Your Life – Enjoy being you.  Even though he has acted as many different people for the movies, what we really love about his characters is the inner Will Smith who is beaming from them.  Love Living.

Greatness is Within Us – All it takes to aspire to greatness is to believe in something so much that you’re willing to die for it.  When you care that much about something, you’re going to exude greatness.

The Past is The Past – Where you are doesn’t matter because you can always become something greater.

Talent and Skill – There are no shortcuts to success.  My personal saying is that there is no greater distance than that between talent and skill.  Talent is God given but often useless without skill.  God gives you talent and expects you to exemplify ridiculous and sickening work ethic to build the skill.  Together you’ll create success.

One Brick At A Time – When Will Smith and his brother rebuilt a brick wall they learned an important lesson.  You don’t set out to build a wall, you set out to lay one brick perfectly.  You do that over and over, day after day, and pretty soon you’ll look back and see a wall!  Your own monument to relentless implementation.

Mean Something – If you aren’t making someone’s life better, you are wasting your time here on earth.

Believe – You have to believe, that is step 1.  You don’t need a plan B, it gets in the way of plan A.  Believe in plan A.  No plan is dilusional.  Nothing is unrealistic.  Not too long ago people would have said that it’s unrealistic to walk into a room, flick a switch, and the room light up.  Thank God Thomas Edison didn’t think it was unrealistic.

Focus – Desperate, obsessive, focus will get you anywhere you want to go.  Don’t spread your focus out on too many things.  Expel all your fiber, heart, and creativity into one BIG thing at a time.

Will Smith is no doubt successful in terms of money and possessions, But what I love about Will Smith is that he is successful in terms of living!  He has accomplished many great feats and tasks, while enjoying it all.  Will Smith is much more than a celebrity, he is an inspiration.


Question:  Could you use some “Big Willie Style” in your life?

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