Motivational Monday – Successful People That Have Failed

When was the last time you failed at something? This weekend I was attending a graduation party filled with close family. As is tradiditon with the younger crowd in my family, a baseball and a bat made it’s way into the party.

successful people that have failed

Traditionally, I play the role of the team’s power hitter. I’m always expected to hit a few dingers for my team. This weekend I struck out…alot. I was about to get down on myself when I emembered something I read in The Captain: The Journey of Derek Jeter. Derek’s teammates would say that Derek could go 0 for 5 on the day and come up to bat with 2 outs in the bottom of the nineth. Any other player would be dreading the at bat since they were having such a bad day. But, like many successful people that have failed, number 2 relished the opportunity to go up to the plate fully expecting to the end this day 1 for 6.  I needed to harness Derek’s style of confidence in his abilities.

So as I came to bat again nearing the end of the game, I was reminded of all those successful people that have failed time and time again only to achieve incredible success because they never gave up. Relentless implementation of what you know is right, despite the circumstances and past experience is so important.  I needed to remember this.

Standing at the plate for the final time that day, I reared back as the ball came hurling toward me. Despite my prior failures I took my usual power swing.  What do you know, I hit the ball a mile down the left field line.  It felt so good to connect with the ball.  All that failure beforehand was out of my mind as I rounded the bases only thinking about my home run.

I realized I would have not had this experience had I not been reminded of Derek Jeter and other successful people that have failed throughout history over and over again, only to wind up wildly successful.  Some of these include Dr. Seuss, Michael Jordan, and Albert Einstein.

This is a short video by One True Media:

Can you believe these successful people that have failed were rejected by their peers, shunned by their mentors, and turned away by their profession.  It was only after relentless implementation that their brilliance began to shine through.

These successful people that have failed are a true testament to what continuously moving forward can do.  This week, when things don’t go the way you’d expect them to, remember these successful people that have failed, only to turn their passion into incredible success.  Just keep swinging for the fences, or as my Pastor likes to put it, “fake it, til you make it.”

DO NOT GIVE UP this week.


What area of your life have you given up on because someone told you that you could not succeed?  How about giving it another shot this week?


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