The Survey Results Are In

Last Monday I put out a survey to my readers asking them one question.  Would you prefer learning how to invest, grow a business, or both.

The results are in and the insight is interesting to say the least.  There was one thing I learned from the survey that I didn’t expect at all.

When I left the corporate world, I knew what I wanted to do for myself.  I wanted to invest, both in the stock market and in small businesses.  I wasn’t sure how this would translate to my blog which had primarily consisted of leadership advice.

Leadership advice made sense when I was in a position of leadership as the Vice President of a $94 million company.  But as an investor, how could I continue to provide high quality content to my readers?

The survey launched on Monday with little participation.  On Wednesday I decided to send a personal email to my subscribers.  These are the people who have subscribed to my updates and received the free ebook on the top right of my blog.  I did not expect what would happen next.

Within minutes, my readers began to ring in.  Participation increased six fold.  Within 24 hours I had enough response to know what my readers really want.

Without the support of my amazing readers, I’d still be struggling to know what to write about.  But thanks to each one of them, here are the results.

1. 40% of my readers prefer information only about investing.

2. Another 40% would prefer content about both investing and growing a business.

3. 20% of my readers would prefer information only about growing a business.

When you combine this information statistically, my content should be focused 60/40.  Sixty percent should be about investing, while forty percent is about growing a business.  This fits very well into my interests.

I want to thank my readers for their insight and tell you all that I am very excited to begin working on content that will enrich your lives.

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