The 4 Hour Body – My Experience

January 2009, at a Barnes and Noble in Midland, Texas, I was searching for a book by a blogger I had come across.  I read a ton of his posts and his approach to life was much like my own.  Turns out he had a book that was on the best sellers list for some time so I figure I should check it out.  I meandered down the aisles repeating in my head “Ferriss, Ferriss, Ferriss” until I found it!  Timothy Ferriss.  The book was “The 4 Hour Workweek.”

The book is an incredible read and my go to gift for any new graduate.  The ideas shared in the book, paired with the resources in the end of each chapter, creates a roadmap for anyone setting out to design their life.  Anyone who is at a major, life altering, position should read it before heading forward.

A small part of the book discusses Tim’s “slow-carb diet.”  My body type is not inclined to build muscle, so after years of self-trial, I have found that the best way for me to add muscle is to lift heavy and eat like a horse, of and don’t forget to take your multi, as my misc buddies would say (reference to’s misc crew).  This inevitably creates a little unwanted fat.  At my worst, I end my “bulk” at 15% body fat.  It’s around this time of year (late winter) that I start my “cut.” I begin trying to lose the fat I gained, but keep as much of the new muscle as I can.

Tim had been right about so many other things in his book, I thought, why not give his “slow-carb diet” a try.  Much to my surprise, it proved to show amazing results.  I was down to my ideal 7% bodyfat in just a couple of months, with minimum muscle loss.  It took me maybe 8 weeks, and I’ll admit, I didn’t know exactly what to do other than what to eat.  For instance I didn’t know what type of workout I should be doing, what other foods were off limits, ect.  Enter “The 4 Hour Body.”

Come to find out Tim and I share more than just interest in hacking business and lifestyle, we share a deep desire to figure out how the human body works to maximize our results.  We both try this through extensive self-trial, he, mores o than I.  According to him, he has spent more than $250,000 trying all these new ideas out.  But he’s gotten it down to the good stuff, and that’s what he’s put in his book.

This section of my blog will be almost like a diary that gives you a day by day how to, so you can also lose the fat!  I’m not going to tell you what to do, I’m just going to tell you to buy the book.  Instead of spelling out every detail of the book as I post, I’ll assume you have the book and that you have or are reading it.  This section of my blog will simply be a log of what I’m doing and how my results are.  I’ll add in some tips and tricks that I find helpful.

Make sure to follow me on twitter as well, @JaysonFeltner, so you can get my updates.  I post pictures of what I’m eating, my feelings, thoughts, and of course, my progress.

Why am I doing this?  Reading the book, Tim must have lost 1000 pounds!  I know that he did like I do, and would test something and lose fat, then try something else and gain fat, back and forth.  So all together over the years he’s lost a lot of fat.  But what does it all look like when you combine everything in the book into one fat loss crusade and try to drop the pounds?  Can someone really lose 20 pound of fat in 30 days while still gaining 10 pounds of muscle?  Heck, we’re going to find out!

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