The Best Google Reader Alternative – Feedly

Millions of procrastinators will be scrambling to find a Google Reader alternative.  Today marks the end of Google Reader.  Luckily, the industry has stepped up to create quality Google Reader alternatives.  My top choice is Feedly.

Feedly Google Reader Alternative

Google Reader, launched in late 2005, has been the industry standard for fans looking to organize their blog and website feeds.  I fell in love with Google Reader many years ago.  It has served as my newspaper of choice and has also been a great way for me to keep tabs on my favorite bloggers.

Unfortunately, usage has declined in recent years and since the service does not align well with Google’s other services, the internet giant has decided to close its doors.  Thankfully, they gave us all plenty of notice.  This heads up allowed many Google Reader Alternatives around the web ample time to improve their services and also create easy methods of migration.

I’ve waited until last week to choose my Google Reader alternative.  I did this for several reasons.


  1. I wanted to give the industry a chance to adapt.
  2. I allowed others to migrate first, then read their reviews.
  3. I like Google Reader and didn’t want to change until I had to.


Fortunately, Feedly has made itself the simple Google Reader alternative.  I’ve chosen Feedly as my Google Reader alternative for several reasons.


  1. Simple Migration – Feedly has made a one button migration process.  As you can see in the image above, there is one button to push and Feedly will automatically import all your Google Reader feeds.  This is a big time save over some of the other Google Reader alternatives.
  2. Style – Feedly has replicated the same style and feel to your feed that Google had.  Users of Google Reader will feel right at home with Feedly.  In fact, I think they have actually been able to improve the look and intuitive interaction of Google Reader.
  3. Ifttt Integration – Feedly plays well with, a service I use frequently.  Here are some recipes:  Using ifttt along with Feedly, as your Google Reader alternative, you can do all the same time saving automation I used to do with Google Reader.  Examples include, saving articles directly to Evernote, Tweeting interesting content, and most important for me, sending links to with one click.  Try it Here.  Another recipe I use quite often is the save for later to email.  This recipe changes Feedly’s “save for later” button into a quick way to email top content to yourself.
  4. Automation – Feedly makes it easy to share your favorite content across your platform. The Google+, Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, and Buffer buttons are located conveniently on the top of each article you read.


Anyone trying to build a platform will enjoy all the robust features of Feedly.  I primarily used Google Reader as a way for me to go foraging for my tribe.  I would set out every morning to find quality content that my followers will find valuable and share it with them throughout the day.  Feedly makes this even easier than it was with Google Reader.  This is why I’ve chosen Feedly as my Google Reader alternative.


Did you make the switch from Google Reader in time?

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