The Power of a Goal

How does a young man who just got fired, turn his life upside down and become one of the greatest coaches in the world? The answer: One Goal At A Time. One day Lou Holtz sat down and wrote out all the goals he wanted to achieve in his lifetime. To date, he has achived 95 of his original 107 life goals.

power of a goal

What is far more important about achieving a goal is what you are rewarded with just by attempting to achieve it. A goal is not so much about getting something done as it is about the journey. The real reward of setting and achieving a goal is what you learn in the process.

I wrote a post the other day about “SMART goals” and gave a few smart goals examples. Setting and attaining the goals you set for yourself, no doubt, will make you a successful person. Lou Holtz has long bee regarded as a great leader and very successful person, but, the secret sauce to his success lies in the journey of trying to acheive a goal.

Discipline – Achieving a goal requires an exercise in discipline. For every goal you achieve, you have learned a lesson in the ability to maintain a certain level of discipline over a length of time.

Humility – Every goal you set out to achieve will teach you that it is easier said than done. I want to “lose 12 pounds in 3 months” is pretty easy to say, but extreamly difficult to achieve. You’ll start out with a full head of steam but in order to actually achieve the goal, you’re going to go through a stage of humility as you realize just how hard it is.

A Story – Every goal will leave you with a story. Every goal you go after will have its trials and its triumphs. A goal gives you something to work toward every single day. When you finally reach that goal you’ll look back on the story you have written with great enjoyment.

Rewards – When you have a goal, each day can be a success or a failure. Breaking it down like this into daily battles keeps the goal small in perspective. It also allows you the opportunity to enjoy the journey more by living for a win every single day.

Successfull Failures – A goal that takes time to achieve is hard to finally reach. But the good news about goals is that, even when you fail to reach them, you have not failed completelty. Let’s say your goal was to lose 12 pounds in 3 months. At the end of 3 months you may have only lost 6 lbs. You didn’t reach your goal but you still enriched your life.

Will Smith, the famous actor and musician, tells a story of laying a brick wall that I feel relates to setting and achieving a goal. He says “you don’t set out to build the perfect wall, you set out to lay one brick perfectly. You do this over and over again, and pretty soon, you have built a perfect wall.”


Question: What goals have you accomplished and how was the journey?

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