The River by Michael Neale

I saw The River everywhere, all at once.  My friends were all reading it, my family was talking about it, even my Twitter Followers were tweeting about it.  It was being described as a book about a boy growing up and finding his passion.  It was a game changer!  I decided, I must read this book.

Thankfully, I received a complimentary copy of the book through Thomas Nelson Publisher’s BookSneeze Program.  I read a lot, every day. It is rare that I find a book that I just can’t put down.  The story gripped me from the get go with a horrific stranglehold and didn’t let go.


The story follows a young boy as he grows up and deals with hardships in his life.  All the while he has a hunger inside him that won’t leave him alone.  The hunger grows to lead him, and the reader, on an unforgettable journey.  The book is entertaining, gripping, and meaningful.


So what’s the take away?  The River of course.  In fact, we all have a River.  The River is a calling, a place where our soul belongs.  What makes this book so gripping and what made it a favorite amongst my friends and family is that it addresses something inside all of us.  We’re all meant for something, somewhere.  There are times in life where you find yourself in a place where you just know you belong.  This is the essence of The River.


The River is about finding that place, finding that calling, and fulfilling that purpose.  If you’d be interested in reading this book yourself you can purchase it here.  This is the cheapest I’ve found it anywhere, that is, unless you are a member of the BookSneeze program, then it’s free!

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