The Wisdom of Andy Andrews

New York Times Best Selling Author and world renowned public speaker Andy Andrews posted something on his Twitter that struck a chord with me yesterday. I decided it was such a major moment that I needed to share it. So I am.

Andy Andrews is the author of The Traveler’s Gift and most recently How Do You Kill 11 Million People?. He is also a world renowned public speaker, having performed for four US presidents, Fortune 500 Companies, and Major Sports Teams. I saw Andy live for the first time at my home church CrossRoads Fellowship. I immediatly followed him on Twitter and purchased a few more of his books. Here is a link to his books on Amazon

So what was the tweet from Andy Andrews that was so profound? “Quality Work, Healthy Relationships, Good Manners, Lasting Legacy. These virtues: NEVER accidents & ALWAYS the result of deliberate effort.” This struck me because it was the first time someone else had put into words some of my favorite and most tightly held values. Here is why these are so important.

Quality Work – The greatest distance is between God given Talent and Hard Earned Skill. Andy Andrews is no doubt an increadible writer and amazing speaker. But these are talents given to him by God. But why don’t you ask Andy how much he enjoys writing a book?  There’s a million things he could have more fun doing but being a published author is something he enjoys. So he takes his God given talent and puts in countless hours of Quality Work. The result is skill that produces a product we all want to read.

Healthy Relationships – If you surround yourself with stars you will shine. Surround yourself with crap and you will stink. It never fails, you will become like those you associate with. People you choose to interact with will either make you better (healthy relationship) or worse (unhealthy relationships). Think about it right now. Who is causing stress in your life? Now cut them out. Do not allow them to drag you down.

Good Manners – We all need people in our lives, it is just a part of Maslow’s hierarchy.  A few weeks ago I wrote a post titled Who’s Watching You. People are always watching you and someone is always looking up to you. Being a polite, kind person is being the kind of person others want to be around. Good Manners will make you a better spouse, sibling, friend, leader, and role model. This is the type of person Jesus taught us, by example, to be.

Lasting Legacy – In my motivational post about Will Smith, I wrote that you have to be making a difference in someone’s life. If you aren’t benefiting others, you are wasting your time here. A Lasting Legacy means you are making a difference in the lives of others and creating works that will last far longer than yourself. It also means taking care of your finaces so that your estate isn’t a burden on others when you leave. Think for a minute about your own funeral. What will people say, how will they perceive your life, and how will you have left this world a better place?

Thank you Andy Andrews for your Quality Work, Healthy Relationships you’ve created with your fans, Good Manners you share in your speeches, and the Lasting Legacy your wisdom and insight will leave.

Question:  What other virtues are important in your life?


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