My Twitter Is On Auto-Pilot, Is Yours?

As a blog owner I know the importance of Twitter.  I sort of feel like a Twitter expert by now, but the truth is, I’m still a newbie.  If you’d like, you can follow me @jaysonfeltner.

twitter auto pilot

When I first started my blog, I read Michael Hyatt’s The Beginner’s Guide to Twitter and more recently, How To Become a Twitter Ninja In Less Than 30 Minutes A Day.  While these were great for a guy new to Twitter, I needed something more substantial.  Now that I know how to use Twitter, I needed to make it easier.  That’s just the inner Tim Ferriss coming out of me I guess.  I can’t take something as it is, I have to make better.

If you’re blogging on a regular basis, you’re probably “Tweeting” on a regular basis as well. But you also know that you need to stay in front of your audience all day long.  Moreover, you don’t want to always be promoting your blog, that seems spammy.  You need to contribute to the conversation by sharing ideas and more importantly, other people’s work.

Here is how to put your Twitter on auto-pilot:

Buffer App – Download the buffer app on your desktop and iPad, if you use one like I do.  Buffer allows you to spread your tweets out on a predetermined schedule.  This way you aren’t that annoying guy who posts a book, one tweet at a time, 25 tweets in a row!

Buffer Bookmarklet – Buffer allows you to place a bookmarklet on your web browser.  I use Google Chrome.  When I see something interesting on the web, I just click the Buffer Bookmarklet and post it.  It is automatically added to my queue of tweets.

Google Reader – I subscribe to an incredible amount of information.  Any blog or site I like, I add it to my Google Reader.  I also hired a guy in India to take a look at what was in my Google Reader and subscribe me to 100 similar sites.  This is where I get 99% of my tweets.  Just interesting stuff on the web.

Mr. ReaderDownload this app on your iPad.  I paid $3.99 for it.  On it is a Buffer button.  Just connect your Mr. Reader to your Buffer account and any time you read a cool article, you can add it to your queue of tweets on Buffer.  You can write your own text, credit the source, and share the link.  If you don’t want to do this, don’t worry, I have another fix in the next step, Ifttt.

Ifttt – Buffer created this and it is pure “Magic!”  Go to and sign up.  Connect your Buffer account and your Twitter account to it.  You can create actions between two apps.  For instance, if I “star” something on Google Reader, it will auto-post it to my queue on Buffer!    This is also how I auto-Thank you anytime you mention @jaysonfeltner on Twitter.  Go ahead, try it, you know you want to!

Ifttt is also how I Auto-Tweet all my blog posts.  This post is actually going to be the first one that is “Auto-Tweeted”, so if you see it on Twitter today you’ll know it worked.  If it works, I’ll post a full step by step guide for you on my blog next week. So subscribe to my blog on the top right, and/or follow me on Twitter, also top right of this page.

Now you’re a Twitter Samurai!  With these few tools, you can post tweets all day long without actually having to do much of anything!  This way you’re constantly out in front of your followers and keeping them engaged without killing yourself.

Question:  How many times a day do you Tweet?

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