How To Be A Visionary Leader

visionary leadership

On Christmas night 1776, General George Washington visionary leadership carried his troops across the Delaware.  On the other side they faced an opponent far larger, and more skilled and warfare than they. 

Michael Dell once arrived at a shareholders meeting wearing army fatigues.  He made a valid point.  The computer industry was warfare and he was planning to do battle. 

That same day, all across the country, leaders sat quietly behind their desks, tending to the tasks at hand while their companies failed to keep pace with Michael’s rapidly growing company.

If you’d like to not achieve the growth your company is capable of, please ignore this article and continue to sit quietly behind your desk.  This article is about the single most important ingredient to growing a successful company, visionary leadership.

In order to understand the impact of visionary leadership, you must first learn these 5 basic steps.

1. Know where you’re going. If you can’t tell someone in a few simple sentences where your company will undoubtedly be in 3 years, you’re not a visionary leader.  To have visionary leadership qualities you must be able to easily articulate your goals.   

2. Cast that vision. Do your people know where you’re taking them?  Do they know what lies ahead?  The Why is the Way.  They must know where they are going and what it’s going to take for them to get there.

3. Implement that vision.  Until you take action on your vision, it’s nothing more than a thought.  You must give life to your vision.  Live it out.

4. Cast that vision again.  Just as a mountain seems to never move while you’re driving toward it, so to does your vision progress.  The end result is sitting there and each day it seems you’re no closer than the last, eventually the mountain just because a part of the scenery.  Keep your team focused on the vision daily.

5. Never lose sight of the vision during the day to day.  You must see the forrest through the trees.  Every day will bring new challenges, you must not lose site of the big picture.  I’ve seen leaders lose their focus on the vision and focus solely on the challenges of the day.  A year goes by and they’re no closer to their vision than they day they cast it.

As the visionary leadership of your company, your job is not always to do the tasks of the business.  Your job is to constantly review the course of business to make sure it syncs the company’s vision.  Redirect it back on course when needed.  Do these two things and you’re headed for success.

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