Weathering the Storms of Life

Whew! That was all I could say when the clouds finally broke and the sunshine hit my face for the first time in months.  We weren’t at the end but it was visible.  The storm was still on the move but the worst had already passed.

The Storms of Life

I enjoy lying my head down at night completely exhausted.  It only means that I’ve lived the day to the fullest.  However lately, I’ve felt this overwhelming feeling.  I lie down each night completely exhausted but not to the thought of living life to its fullest.  Lately, life has been like a hamster wheel spinning out of control.  You have to keep running as fast as you can.  The second you stop, the wheel will move out from underneath you and you’ll land flat on your face.

Unfortunately, that kind of pace is unsustainable for the long term.  A grueling schedule void of rest and reflection is a pathway to burnout, heart disease and increased stress levels.  All hope is not lost.  However, there is a way to navigate through the storms of life without losing your sanity.

Delegate – Delegation is the only way to do more with your time than you can possibly do on your own.  Learning to trust others and allow them to help you is a key to keeping your sanity.  Follow these steps to delegate without fear and start lightening your load.

Prioritize – I’ve heard of many soldiers alive that they are eating only one huge meal per day.  This is because at dinner time, you can’t call your enemy and tell them you’re halting the fight for an hour to eat.  You must learn to quickly recognize the most important thing to do right this instant.  Block everything else out of your mind.

Focus – What do you do when you’ve got a thousand things to do?  You focus on the most important thing and forget about the rest.  This is the only way I’ve found to keep calm during a storm.  I’ve missed blog posts which I hated to do but for the moment, the blog wasn’t as important as other things I really had to do.

Acceptance – The situation isn’t ideal but life rarely is.  In the famous Marshmallow experiment, researchers placed a marshmallow in front of kids and told them if they don’t eat the marshmallow, the researchers would return bringing more of it.  The kids who focused on the marshmallow almost ate it.  The kids who found something else to think about never ate it.  The point is to accept the situation for what it is and shift your focus to the task at hand.  If you find yourself dwelling on all the other things you’d rather be doing, you’ll grow to hate your current situation.

Life rarely goes to plan.  Oftentimes, something we thought was a great idea when we set out to accomplish it turns into a daunting and all consuming chore.  New York Times Bestseller Andy Andrews says “I hate to write but I love to be published.”  Few souls find their way through the storm but when the clouds become clear, life is more beautiful than you can imagine.  Learn to weather the storms of life and you’ll find yourself in abundance of joy.

What storms are in your life right now?

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