What a One Year Old Taught Me About Climbing The Ladder

Sunday’s around my house are reserved for rest and relaxation.  After church and lunch it’s nice to come home.  The house is clean, the chores are finished, and it’s quiet.  My one year old son takes his nap and his parents don’t miss the opportunity to catch some, well deserved, shut eye as well.  But this Sunday held a wonderful surprise from a son to his father and a lesson about climbing the ladder.

Climbing The Ladder

Shortly after our naps, we were all going to head out to the pool but I had one last thing to do.  There was some tape still stuck on the ceiling from some decorations we had up for my son’s birthday that had been nagging me for a while.  I fetched the ladder and set it up in the foyer.  I set out to climb the ladder and began removing the tape.  This is when I discovered that I had a little extra help.

There was my son at the very bottom of the ladder, looking up, and trying with all his might to come help his daddy.  After a few shots for the family photo album, I came down off the ladder and took him up in my arms.  As we climbed rung for rung it hit me.  This was exactly what I was experiencing in my life, except the roles were reversed.

This is what my little precious one year old taught his daddy about climbing the ladder of life.

  1. Keep Looking Up – Not once did my son look down and give up on his dream of climbing the ladder.  Not once did he get discouraged that he couldn’t climb it on his own.  He kept his gaze on his goal, me.  He kept trying for all he was worth.
  2. Try With All Your Might To Help Your Father – He would have probably wanted to mess with the ladder even if I wasn’t on it, but me on top, it made it completely irresistible to him.  We should have that same love and admiration for our father Jesus Christ.  Do all you can to be with Him.  Look to Him as you climb the ladder of life.
  3. Be Fearless – Ten feet up in the air on that ladder must have seemed like a mountain top to my little man, but he wasn’t afraid, not one bit.  Even with such peril below him, he was excited to climb the ladder with his daddy.  After all, I had him.  And doesn’t the Lord have you?  Why are you afraid to reach for the mountaintops in your own life?
  4. Keep Climbing – My son didn’t get discouraged one bit when he couldn’t get that little chubby leg onto the first rung to climb the ladder, he just kept trying.  Finally, his father saw him struggling and came down to lend a hand.  I was reminded that our father will come down to lend us a hand and help us climb the ladder.  He doesn’t want to see us struggle.
  5. Enjoy the Climb – The whole way up, rung by rung, my son was having a blast! He was laughing and giggling, a big grin across his face.  Life isn’t about the final destination, it’s about the journey.  Enjoy each and every step.

My son is the apple of my eye, but more than that, he is a constant reminder of all that is good and innocent.  We can learn much from children and their actions.  Next time you’re around young children, just sit back and take in the lessons they have in store for you.


Question: What have children taught you about your life?

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