What The Fourth of July Really Means

The Fourth day of July, 1776.  Our Independence Day.  The Fourth of July means a lot of things for me.  It means baseball, grilling outside, flags, green grass, music, friends, family, and of course fireworks.  But the Fourth of July means a significant amount more, not only to the United States of America, but to the world as a whole.

fourth of july

The Fourth of July set the course for a nation that would one day step to the plate as the leader of the free world.  How do we know that The United States of America is the leader?  The world’s foremost traded commodity, crude oil, is still traded in our home currency.  So what does the Fourth of July really mean to us and the world?

Freedom – America fought for the idea that a free country could sustain longer and more prosperously than a country under the rule of a foreign office.  Because of this deeply held value, we have sought and encouraged freedom across the globe.

National Service – Our nation’s leaders are servants to the collective.  Their authority is earned and given by those who choose to follow them.  This authority is divided and shared from small community government all the way to Washington DC where authority is still divided and shared among the collective.

World Service – America’s status as the world leader is not a position granted to us by our own will.  Our authority on the world stage is one of service to our fellow man across the globe.  We feel a duty to others beyond our borders and have accepted a servant’s role to those around the world.

Earned Power – No one is born into power in this country.  Because of the events that we celebrate on the Fourth of July, power must be earned by all who wish to receive it.   There are no monarchs, no dictators, no class favoritism.  No person in this country is given power without first earning it.

Opportunity – The American Dream has long been attainable because of the opportunities we possess in this country.  The opportunity to work hard and earn anything your heart could desire is the foundation for opportunity in America.  People have long crossed boarders and oceans to seek such unheard of opportunity in our country.

Free Enterprise – The Fourth of July represents freedom even within business.  Every person in our nation has before them free entry into enterprise.  We all have the opportunity to do what we want, and to prosper from our labors.

Giving Spirit – The Unites States of America did not turn its back on the world when we received our independence on the Fourth of July.  Instead, the United States of America has given back more to the world than any other country.  In the depths of our recession, in 2010, Americans still gave $291 billion in charitable gifts, ranking us the most charitable nation in the world.

The Fourth of July is a great time of peace, family, and brotherly love.  But it was bought with a great price.  Since 1775 there have been 2,489,335 service members killed or wounded protecting our freedom and purchasing this great nation with their lives.  Today we celebrate their lives, their service, and the continued pursuit of freedom across the world.


Question:  What is your favorite thing about the Fourth of July?

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