Who I Am Reading and Why

Leaders are readers and readers are leaders. So if we should always be reading, who is worth our time? Personally, I don’t read as often as maybe I should but I do have a few people I always stop to read.

Weather it is a book, a blog post, a tweet, or a guest post, I always stop to read a few people. I think it’s about time I give them credit. It’s also about time I explain myself and why, out of all the writers in the world, I choose to read these particular people.


So here is my list:


Andy Andrews – He’s a noticer and so am I. I read, and will always read, anything that Andy Andrews publishes. We see eye to eye on many key aspects of life. His Traveler, well that might as well have been me. If you’ve had a chance to see Andy speak, you’ll understand his story was very similar as well. If you haven’t seen Andy speak, you should.


Tim Ferriss The 4 Hour Work Week revolutionized the way a generation worked. The 4 Hour Body revolutionized the way a generation maintained fitness. He is an eclectic and often controversial character who challenges everything. If there were one piece of advice I could share with everyone it is this…”challenge everything.” This is exactly what Tim Ferriss does. Furthermore, Tim breaks down the traditional approaches and finds a way to do it better.


John Maxwell – The foremost authority on Leadership. Why wouldn’t I love reading his material, I’m a leadership nut. More importantly, John Maxwell values growth as a leader. As such, he spends all his time trying to create content that will stretch you into the leader you desire to be. John’s background and research make him a competent resource on a subject matter in which people for centuries have been trying to master. I read at least one John Maxwell book per quarter and try to attend a seminar in which he is teaching, once per year.


T. Boone Pickens – Don’t fault me, I love the energy sector. There is no other character as whimsical and lovable, while still being admirable and successful as Boone Pickens. I’ve read all his books about his wild life in Oil and Natural Gas. Now-a-days I read his Op-Eds in journals and news outlets across the country. I also read all his tweets, like this one “A leader must learn to adjust, take risks, build confidence, be decisive, set the right example, and stay fit.” With a lifetime of successful leadership under his belt, I can’t help but admire him. Additionally, he’s a good person. I’ve had coffee with the guy on a few occasions and have heard him speak numerous times.


Michael Hyatt – Okay, I’ll admit, I never read his survival guide, but I’ve probably read every single public word he has written since. Intentional Leadership, and the background and career success to back it up. His genius lies in his ability to reach across the table and connect with anyone. Everyone looking to improve themselves as a leader or as an individual can sit down with Michael, now 3 days a week, and garner his input on many things us common folks are just now trying to learn or figure out. I think of him as my online mentor.


There are many more books, many more articles, many more blog posts, and many more authors who I do read occassionaly or at least have read. However, the list above are people whom I respect and charish so highly that I will read any written word they produce. They are, in written word, what James Taylor is in music, and what Jerry Seinfeld is in comedy. They are my go to guys.


Question: Who else do you think I should be reading?

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