Why I Write

As I write this post, I’m 24,000 feet in the air on our corporate plane.  It is one of my favorite places to reflect and to write.  My post about The Most Productive Place in the World will help you understand why I love writing up here in the clouds so much.  I have decided to do some writing, which got me thinking, “why do I write” and “why do I operate this blog that you’re reading now”.

As I sit here in the peaceful skies with the hum of the engines lulling my mind into a creative space, I find myself entranced in this blog.  Where will I take it?  Where has it been?  Why do I enjoy this so much?  Allow me for a moment to let you into my world.

It’s currently 6:00 am and I am on my way to a golf tournament with members of my sales staff.  Some are asleep, some are working, and others are reading the newspaper.  The scene is quiet.  It is too early to be very active.  The engines create a white noise that seems to force my mind inward into a reflective state.  In this state a question arises.  This question pulls at my heartstrings and questions my motives.  Why do I write?

I write to influence others.  I have always been acutely aware of the incredible mass of people who inhabit this earth and it has made me feel indebted to my fellow man to contribute to them.  After all, what makes a life?  It is the impact you make on others and the impact you allow them to make on you that writes the twist and turns that make the journey we call life.

I, by nature, am a consumer.  I consume massive amounts of information from the web.   The web has taught me everything from how to make an incredible meal  to how much an elephant weighs.  I probably ask Google a questions a hundred times a day.

Eventually a consumer consumes so much they feel a debt.  Now that I’ve learned so much, what can I do with this information?  I choose to give it back.  Does Steve Palvina’s Ubermand Schedule work for the average executive leader?   No.  I write to tell you why it doesn’t work and to tell you what I have found does work.  But I Google more than just sleeping techniques, I Google Leadership.  This is why I choose to share with you on a daily basis a vast wealth of information on the subject. I write about influential leadership because:

  1. Leadership is influence – The level of influence you have on others dictates how far they are willing to follow you.
  2. Influential Leadership is relational – to lead others you must interact with others.  You will connect with them and create lasting and meaningful relationships.
  3. Relationships are impactful – Once you have met another soul you begin to impact that person and their life.  It may be a simple smile and that’s it.  It may be a lifelong, unbreakable bond such as a marriage.  All relationships are impactful.

Impact is either productive or detrimental.  Since you are impacting others, it is important that you impact them in a way that helps them grow and develop. Thus, you entrust them with benefits they can then share with others. This is The Butterfly Effect.

Influence and leadership touch every aspect of every single day of your life.  You may not recognize it but you are influencing others while simultaneously being influenced yourself.  The knowledge of this makes you more aware and able to take in good and positive influences.  This knowledge also solidifies in you the importance of adding good, positive influence in your relationships and daily interactions with the world.


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